SS-class rebel
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The only SS-class rebels

The SS-class rebel (SS級の反逆者 EsuEsu-kyū no hangyakusha, localized as SS-class criminal) is the highest rebel class for the World Void Information Control Organization.

There were only two SS-class rebels in the history. The first rebel was Kokonoe Mercury from the 7th Agency, but she erased all data about this, therefore even the Control Organization do not know who was that rebel.

The second rebel was Ragna the Bloodedge, for destruction of the Control Organization’s branches in several places. For the same reason, the reward on his head was the largest in history – P$ – and many vigilantes were pursuing him as a result.


  • Rebels are captured by the vigilantes using restraint Magic Formula taught by the Control Organization. In case of Ragna, soldiers of this organization used multiple restraints which are used on criminals.
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