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The Sleipnir (対能力者兵士 スレイプニール Sureipunīru, Anti-Ability Soldier) is a group of soldiers trained by the Mitsurugi Agency to fight and subdue Unions.

During the events of XBlaze – Code: Embryo Es was a member of the Sleipnir, and she was considered one of its most distinguished warriors.

After the Embryo incident, Tōya Kagari joined the Sleipnir, and though his abilities as a warrior are improving with the passing of each day, he is still shockingly naive and is almost constantly scolded by Mei Amanohokosaka, who happens to be his superior officer. Mei also uses the ninth Es-N to aid them in combat, and after Freaks was defeated, Es rejoined Sleipnir.

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