Nemesis Horizon
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Amaterasu Unit descends to the world through Nemesis Horizon.

Nemesis Horizon (天ノ岩戸 ネメシスホライゾン Nemeshisu Horaizon, Rock Cave of Heaven) is a gate in the sky, which through the Amaterasu Unit can descend to the world. It can be opened only by the Successor of the Blue.

During the course of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Nemesis Horizon appeared after a large quantity of souls was gathered and offered to the monolith pillar in the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido. To open the gate, Nu-13 assimilated with Mu-12, the true Successor. The false Successor opened the gate and called the Master Unit by the following words:

Releasing the 666th restriction… Deploying the dimensional interferencing imaginary magic circle… Murakumo Unit… Activation. “Praying” as the “Successor of the Blue”… Show us the light that illuminates the world… Master Unit… “Amaterasu”.
(第666拘束機関解放…次元干渉虚数方陣展開…ムラクモユニット…起動。「蒼の継承者」として「祈る」…世を照らし光を我が前に示せ…マスターユニット…「アマテラス」。 Dai-roku-roku-roku kōsoku kikan kaihō… Jigen kanshō kyosū hōjin tenkai… Murakumo Yunitto… Kidō. “Ao no Keishōsha” to shite “inoru”… Yo wo terashi hikari wo ga mae ni shimese… Masutā Yunitto… “Amaterasu”.)1

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