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A bounty (賞金首 shōkinkubi) is a general term for rebels of the World Void Information Control Organization with a monetary reward on their head.

When crimes are reported to the Controlling Organization, they will usually issue a wanted poster (手配書 tehai sho) of the suspect. Wanted posters include the name, face, and bounty of the rebel (反逆者 hangyakusha). They are distributed by the public offices of Hierarchical Cities, organizations responsible for managing civilians and helping citizens. Wanted posters are mainly used as references by vigilantes hunting for rebels.

Bounties may require rebels to be brought in dead or alive, depending on the type of crime and the specifics of the case. The severity is not related to the rebel’s rank.

The games feature posters for Ragna the Bloodedge and Arakune. BlazBlue: Alter Memory shows a poster of Ragna, and the BlazBlue manga shows posters of Ragna and Toshimichi Mori.



  • Although Ragna has his trademark spiky white hair and red jacket on his wanted posters, his face on it does not resemble him at all. Most people are able to recognize him only thanks to the white hair and the red jacket, this allowed Litchi Faye Ling to trick Noel Vermillion into thinking that Ragna is not Ragna, but Litchi’s cosplaying brother in one of her endings in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.
  • It is extremely rare for the Control Organization to issue warnings along with bounties, as was the case with Ragna.
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