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The story of the Blue (蒼の物語 Ao no monogatari) is a collective name for stories revolving around the power of the Blue.

The Blue is a power of creation and destruction. It is surrounded by a special space, the Boundary, which also houses various worlds. Some worlds are independent and exist by themselves. Other worlds are possibilities originated from the independent worlds.

The BlazBlue world is an independent world. The most of the games, novels, and all of the manga, depict the events that happened in this world. After a war with an otherworldly creature, which was immune to existing weapons, humans started to use the fusion of sorcery and science, the Magic Formulas, in all aspects of their lives, and everything in this world now works on the magic element, which replaced electricity. The element is harmful to humans, so they had to settle in Hierarchical Cities built on the mountains, as the higher, the lower the concentration of magic element in the air gets. Magic Formulas initially could only be used via Grimoires, which converted magic element into energy, so the World Void Information Controlling Organization, which manages the Grimoires, started to rule over the world. Approximately ninety years after the war with the creature, the Controlling Organization branches started to be destroyed by the rebel, who has the biggest bounty on his head in the history. The first game’s story starts with his arrival at the 13th Hierarchical City “Kagutsuchi”.

The XBlaze world is a possibility of the BlazBlue world. Its story is depicted in XBlaze – Code: Embryo and XBlaze – Lost: Memories. These games tell about events that happened fifty years before the war with the otherworldly beast, and this world looks very much like our own. The protagonist of the first game did not know about sorcery, sickness that gives people supernatural abilities, and artificial people, but one day he heard a ringing bell somewhere in the restricted ward, and all of these oddities appeared in his life.

The Bloodedge Experience world is another possibility of the BlazBlue world. This world is depicted in the BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience novels. The events of these novels happened approximately ten years before the war with the beast, and this world also resembles our. The protagonist of these novels is seemingly an ordinary young man, but he possesses a unique ability, which allows him to see life force values of anyone he meets. Despite this, he tried to live an ordinary life, until he met a girl with an inhumanly high life force value, and died while saving her.

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